Catering…At BAT 17, we have gathered the most popular items on our menu and offer them as ready-to-unwrap, ready-to-eat, convenient catering platters. If you are looking to feed a group for a meeting or a casual get-together, we are certain that you will find something to fit your fancy right here. If you do not see what you may want, then simply pick up the phone and call us at 847-733-7117 or 866-999-DELI (3354). We will design a menu exclusively for you and your group.

Delicious Deli Trays...

Delicious Sandwich Trays... choose any of our signature sandwiches from our regular menu. We will cut each sandwich in half, fasten with party picks and arrange the assortment on a large tray with your choice of coleslaw or potato salad.

Serves up to 10… 135.00 | Serves up to 20… 270.00 | Serves up to 30… 405.00
(we can also choose the sandwiches for you and provide a wide variety)

Bat17 Burger Trays
Choose any of our award winning burgers from either The Original Bat 17 or Burger Bar menus. Burgers are not cut in half. Choice of coleslaw, potato salad, french fries or sweet potato fries.

Serves up to 10… 145.00 | Serves up to 20… 290.00 | Serves up to 30… 435.00

Slider Trays
Regular sliders, pulled pork, buffalo, cheesesteak, chicken salad, siracha chicken, veggie (mozz/tom/pesto) - (turkey burger & blackened tilapia add .75 per slider) Minimum 25. (slider trays with pickle chips on the side and do not come with side orders.)

25 Sliders… 70.00 | 50 Sliders… 130.00 | 100 Sliders… 260.00

Bruschetta Trays

25… 45.00 | 50… 90.00 | 100… 175.00

Veggie Trays…cherry tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, celery, swiss cubes, muenster cubes, served with ranch dressing. (minimum 1 day notice to order)

For 10… 44.50 | For 20… 85.00 | For 30… 110.00

Combo Platters-Wings, Bruschetta, Skins & Buffalo Bites

For 10… 44.50 (10 Wings, 10 Bruschetta, 8 Potato Skins & 8 Oz Buffalo Bites)
For 20… 80.00 (2X Pieces) | For 30… 120.00 (3X Pieces) | For 40… 170.00 (4X Pieces)

Buffalo or BBQ Wings Trays - All Drummettes

25 Wings… 32.50 | 50 Wings… 65.00 | 100 Wings… 130.00

Chopper Bowls... choose any one of our signature salads, caesars (with or without chicken), farmer’s market salad, cobb, shrimp salad, BBQ chicken salad, Cyprus salad or asparagus salad served with dressing on the side and fresh baked breads.

Serves up to 10… 85.00 | Serves up to 20… 145.00| Serves up to 30… 195.00

Catering Bag Lunches... if you are feeding 10 or 200, in conference or on the road, we’ll be happy to pack each of your guests a memorable meal. You select the sandwich. We add a large bag of chips, fresh fruit, pickle and a special BAT 17 dessert.

13.99 per person, minimum ten

Cookie an assortment of famous Bat 17 freshly made and very large cookies. Chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal cherry frosted.

10 Cookies… 30.00 | 20 Cookies… 60.00 | 30 Cookies… 90.00

Balawat Breakfast Tray… choose a mix of any of our incomparable Balawat breakfast and they will be accompanied by American Fried Potatoes or Fruit.

Serves up to 10… 120.00 | Serves up to 20… 240.00 | Serves up to 30… 360.00

Catered breakfast trays available anytime daily • All catered breakfast orders require 24 hours notice

Any tax exempt orders must submit a tax exempt certificate at or prior to payment.
DELIVERY AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS EXCEEDING $100.00 Charges will vary based on destination.
Evanston - $10.00 . Most Suburbs - $15.00 . Chicago - $25.00
Promotional discounts (Wildcards, EAC, Bat Dining cards, etc.) do not apply to catering orders.

All catering trays come with plastic plates and plastic silverware for all your guests. (yeah, the good plastic stuff, not the cheap, fall apart junk)

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Diet Sierra Mist


Cans… 1.50

Case… 30.00